Final Marketing Plan Memo/White Paper Project: Paper Start Assignment

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Final Marketing Plan Memo/White Paper Project: Paper Start Assignment

Final Project Instructions: MKT 250, PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Final (Checkpoint) Project Assignment  You are a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) recently hired to develop a new product line or brand extension for a companys product/brand (Note: students choose the company and brand/product). Based on the companys mission and goals, status in the market, current target market(s), […]

EMGA-5: EMG-Arduino research final

Your EMGA Report will compile your hypotheses, finalized methods, data, analysis of the data, comparison of your data to your predictions, and your conclusions. 70 pts The total length of the report should be less than five pages (double-spaced), not counting data tables or figures. 5 pts Rubric: Background/Justification: You will likely use your this […]


Write an academic essay on the following topic: Hybrid, Virtual events: Using a scenario-planning technique critically evaluate how a current trend, issue or debate within the events industry could develop in the future.     Use an academic essay format and provide a full list of references to the sources cited in your critical analysis using […]


Choose  ONE of the following topics. Also, remember not to copy and paste from any sources – summarize and analyze in your own words. Write an imagined first-person account of your life as a Jew in a ghetto. Think about your age, gender, family, friends, work, religious attitudes, political attitudes, plans, hopes, fears, and anything […]

Relational Dialectics Theory

All assignment requirements are attached.  I have already completed a preliminary outline, introduction section, and a list  of sources which are also all attached. “The written paper should offer a review of a theory or concept. Your job is to write an expanded report on one theory. Much like a book report describes a book […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

To Prepare: Review the Resources and examine the Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory, found on page 20 of Clark (2015).Review the Work Environment Assessment Template.Reflect on the output of your Discussion post regarding your evaluation of workplace civility and the feedback received from colleagues.Select and review one or more of the following articles found in the […]


Use the excel file provided in the attachments to answer the following question below: 1.    Delicious Snacks, Inc. is considering adding a new line of candies to its current product line. The company already paid $300,000 for a marketing research study that provided evidence about the demand for this product at this time. The new […]

Ramadan (muslims)

3. Research Essay: 40% of final grade This assignment is designed to give you the opportunity to explore one of the religious traditions dealt with in class in more detail. You will research a topic related to a major world religious tradition and develop a cogent thesis based on the findings of your research. The […]

Final Exam

Please complete the 40 questions in the first attachment. The articles needed for the first 20 questions are in the links inside the first page of the attachment. Answers need to be written with a reasoning process. Examples of the reasoning process can be found at you need the book for our course, I […]

Research argument essay

Use 4 sources in the essay with quotes and make MLA citations. Make a citation page. The topic is the use of DNA in forensics controversy. I am pro the use of DNA and you have to argue your side and use counter arguments as well. Have 5 paragraphs. An introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and […]

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