BOEING 7E7 case study

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BOEING 7E7 case study

This assignment does not need to do extra research, it should purely be based on personal knowledge. I uploaded the case as well, feel free to let me know if you need any more infos.Write one-page analysis about what should the Board do? Why might the board vote yes even if the base case IRR […]

Projects Module assignment

In this assignment you have to watch the videos of my classmates project modules that I have attached and then you are required to  take notes while watching each project (bulleted, complete sentences, whatever you prefer). The following are need for the notes:Concerns and questions you had about the format and content each group providedChallenges […]


In the following assignment you have to answer the second  question according to the video and question one and three are not from the video.1.Amber Guyger is a police officer who killed an intruder in her home. True/False 2.What does the Rodney King case tell us about how race relations have or have not changed […]

Coping and Rehabilitation

please create a 20 page powerpoint about coping and Rehabilitation This powerpoint should serve as if you (I) are teaching the class about Coping & Rehabilitation in the powerpoint be sure that you include :All information must be pulled from the chapters given in the powerpoint Define Coping?what are different ways people copethe mechanism people […]

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