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Final Exam

write a well-organized, well-developed essay that addresses the following scenario: You are the designer of next fall’s American Literature I class.  In your essay, choose which two texts from the “Am Lit” document uploaded below are absolutely essential to KEEP and tell why, using specifics to support your answer (historical importance, thematic importance, development of […]

informative essay

The purpose of the Informative Essay assignment is to choose a job or task that you know how to do and then write 3 full pages Informative Essay teaching the reader how to do that job or task. You will follow the organization techniques explained in Unit 6 Here are the details: 1. Read the […]

executive summary of a team project

I attached the whole business plan that the group did. My job is to make a executive summary for that. Read the business plan and you will know what is going on. I just need one slide for the PowerPoint and 1 page speech draft for that.

Political Allegory and Character Analysis

For the Political Allegory & Character Analysis Essay, choose a single character from Dreaming in Cuban and, after student-driven discussions and conducting some independent research, identify a particular context relevant to the Cuban and/or U.S. sphere that the character relatestoeither directly or indirectly. In an essay that is 2-4 paragraphs long (450-550 words in length), […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Imagine you are in charge of a company.  In this report, your job is recommend the social media policy governing their employees from who can post as a representative of the company, to how reviews online should be handled, to when employees can use social media on the job, and what they can say about […]

Is the death penalty a just punishment

A strong title that hints at your argumentAn engaging introduction that offers the reader some sense of your concernsA debatable claim as your thesisSome understanding of the stakes of your argument: tell the reader why this argument mattersParagraphs of support: what are the reasons why you are making this argument. What evidence is most compelling?A […]

End Project

This last portfolio project will be a culmination of the work you have done in the course and at the same time, my goal for you is to have a project that helps you advance your personal goals. Therefore, this project allows you to pick what you would like to do. You may choose to […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

you must offer a thoughtful and substantive question, reflection, or comment inspired by your engagement with the reading. This post must explicitly identify a passage from the reading below that you found intriguing, confusing, enlightening, etc. to lift up for consideration. You should quote the passage in full in your post along with a clear […]

Modern Political Theory

In Chapter Two of On Liberty, John Stuart Mill makes an argument about the importance of “liberty of thought and discussion” for the progress of society. One argument that he makes is that, even if the established opinion of a society on a particular subject is true, it is still useful to have broad expression […]

What is Communication Excellence?

1. Paper should reflect your own original thinking. You may address Communication Excellence in general or you may choose to focus your research and writing on a specific communication component (Intercultural, listening, channel, noise, etc.) or a specific context (Social Sciences, Business, Health Field, etc.). 2. A minimum of five direct quotes from at least […]

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