Economic Systems

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Economic Systems

There are two countries i chose, China and the USA, they both have economic indicators. For China it is command economy and for the USA it is mixed economy. you have to answer the questions, writing about the country itself then compare it to the other country.  Each question must have 2 MLA8 citations. and […]

Film and Book Analysis

Evaluate Ted Chiangs Story of your Life and the film Arrival (2016), directed by Denis Villeneuve. In what ways do these two texts illuminate each other in regards to the concepts of time, space, linearity, and love? Please quote from only the book and movie in your essay and be sure to !!reference key scenes […]

Literary Analysis “The Pedestrian,” Ray Bradbury

Directions: Write an essay of at least five paragraphs in which you respond to a text by analyzing it. Word Count: at least 750 wordsPercentage of Total Average: 20% Thesis Statement In this paper, you are arguing your analysis of a work is valid, so know that a mere summary is not arguable by nature. […]

speculate on the trajectory of architecture after 2070

The instruction, proposal and its feedback is provided (see the word file). please write the essay based on the proposal and its feedback. 1.    RequirementSpeculative Final Paper- Written essay, 5 pages in length. This essay is to speculate on the trajectory of architecture after 2070 that addresses one specifically named trajectory of change. Must include […]

How does low art/culture become high art/culture?

After the discussing the format of a cause and effect essay as well as reading some samples, you will write a 4-5 page essay on one of our questions: How does low art/culture become high art/culture? will find and use 4-5 sources to help you support your thesis. Please adhere to the MLA formatting standards: […]

Propeller vs Jet aircraft reasons for use/Accident report

Until recently many of the regional airlines used power-producing aircraft for their shorter routes and thrust-producing aircraft for their longer routes. Provide an aerodynamic reason for this practice. Both performance and efficiency concerns should be discussed. Why have many commuter airlines transitioned to thrust-producing aircraft for these shorter routes? Additionally, Using the NTSB document provided, […]

Business ethics

Jack Abramoff believed he was a moral lobbyist who fought hard on behalf of his clients. In retrospect, he can see where he went wrong and appears to regret his errors deeply. Yet, why could he not see this at the time of his transgressions?

Personal Entrepreneur Life Plan

Write where you want to be in future and introduce your what to reach this place. You have to think like an entrepreneur. The personal plan is: long-term vision statement, the “external” opportunities that exist for you, your “internal” (personal) strengths, and     a strategy for yourself and your life over the next three to […]

The Black Death

In this text, you should simply write a text answering the following question: why is the Black Death historically significant? In this assessment your response should include: a) an introduction which identifies some of the main ideas that you will develop in the rest of your essay and ideally provides a line of argument which […]

The French Revolution

Question 1. The French Revolution had several different causes, both structural and individual ones. Choose the one or two causes (it could be an economical cause, an ideological cause, a social cause, a political cause, or a cause that relates to the role of an individual/agency) that you think is most historically significant in relation […]

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