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I need someone with experience in different hybrid functionalists, they must know about TDDFT and also about transition energy. I have attached a file of what I have wrote I just need someone to expand more on the points as I will need a results discussion and conclusion

Research assignment: Micro-economics

Here is the instructions of Harvard referencing: https://www.mendeley.com/guides/harvard-citation-guide, please follow it exactly. Instructions for the paper is attached, please read it carefully and follow all instructions, do a good job for me (we won’t have time to make huge revision)

Finishing the rest of my report on evaluating solution to help a charity transform their can/coin donations to cashless payment

With reference to the group presentation and Client Feedback (both in the documents attached), you should: 1. Briefly demonstrate an understanding of the business issue and the potential solutions provided by the group. 2. The main content of your report should concentrate on: a. An individual critical evaluation of the solutions posed by the group […]

Occupational Health & Safety Report Sections

Kindly make sure to use “Times New Roman” as the font type and the font size as 11single spacing. Make sure to reference all your findings following the “Harvard Referencing Style” Please find attached the instructions and the presentation in which you will find most of the information you will need.

Evaluation Of Writing & Speaking using CEFR scales: A gap analysis study

Title: ( You may modify it) The utilization of CEFR scales for evaluating the role of Preparatory year program in equipping the medical health care students with demanded productive skills of writing & speaking: A case study using need- Gap Analysis Approach General Abstract: Proficiency in productive English language skills is crucial for students in […]

Tourism and desination

Task: You work for a travel agency called sensational travel. The agency has an in-house travel magazine that is used to inform and educate staff across the country. Your manager has asked you to prepare an article for the magazine explaining how Rhodes’ appeal has changed as it has progressed through the stages of the […]

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practiced in Saudi Arabia

rehabilitation and de-radicalisation programmes practised in Saudi Arabia(Counter-Terrorism from Within Assessing Saudi Arabias Religious Rehabilitation and Disengagement Programme(Boucek (2008))Try to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the interventions in their specific contexts. What can be improved? What obstacles do governments face while implementing rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for former extremist offenders?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Talk about the 9 ps for catering food and beverage service for premium weddings so were a premium catering service Presentation speech My prof comment: The point actually makes sense because you would be discussing product, price,place, promo, people, process, physical evidence, potential partnership (e.g. with a florist) and payment they key is how you […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Using two sectors of economic infrastructure contrasting them to lecture materials : 1,2,3,4,5 – show your understanding Lecture materials/readings will be at the end. Please use them all.Reference list should be at least 10-20 sources.  Half need to be from the reading list, the rest can be ofwat/ofgem… Up to youtotal of 3 powerpoints, 2 […]

Accenture ethical code case study

Identify 4 issues by using PEST analysis based on Accenture ethical code(attached files), analyze 4 issues by applying concepts. Using 5 additional material(attached files) for references. Making recommendations for 4 issues (this case study doesnt need introduction and conclusion, just follow the instruction above to write essay is ok.)

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