Autism in Minority and Upper-end Communities

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Autism in Minority and Upper-end Communities

Compare and contrast the age of diagnosis in autism spectrum disorder between upper-end communities and minority communities. Factors such as economic status, race, language barriers, etc. that may cause a difference in age of diagnosis. Please only use peer-review journal articles Also, provide a citation page

WEEK 7 – Reading Response(176)

Short (1 2 page) discussion of: a) an important argument or interpretation in the reading and b) summarizing briefly some evidence presented by the author that supports it and c) what you think about this argument and why). read doc I upload, I randomly download 3 chapter of the book.

Dating, Hook up Culture, and courtship

The paper should be 10-12 pages in length, including citations and bibliography, in a standard-sized font (11 or 12 point) and double-spaced. Your discussion may focus on the United States or any other country/comparison you wish.  Select  3-5  print/online-only articles or extended television segments in the news media that discuss this issue they can be […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

To write out a critical analysis of an organization. My organization is the Family-Centered Services of the Missouri Department of Social Services. I must write an essay about the organizational setting, mission, goals, objectives, services, organizational structure, and management, and how the organization addresses problems or challenges.


-What do you think is the current state of public schooling in the United States? -What are the most pressing problems? – What is the school system doing well? Answer each questions thoroughly, following the APA 7th edition guidelines when citing references from the book and other sources.Your response must be a minimum of 3 […]

Cultural Heritage Policy

Read the attached two uploaded articles comprehensively and thorougly.For the uplloaded pdf book..please carefully read the introductiom sections written by Niel pg(14-33). The second reading task is three page long article.You need to show that you have fully understood the main facts of the assigned articlss in your discussion questions.You will also have to show […]


Watch the 5mins attached vide and answer the questions Is the Mother right/wrong for painting her son’s toe nails? Is it gender bending?Will painting his toe nails cause confusion for him or others about his gender or his sexuality?Is this an attack on masculinity by the mother?What does this say about the social construction of […]


For this module assignment I would like you to choose 3 of the covered topics in this module (Chapter Titles) and discuss the impact they have had on your life.  You can be as specific or as general as you like but I would like you to connect your “way of life” to the impact […]


Sociology of the FamilyFinal Paper: Television and Family Over the course of the semester, we have studied how the family has changed throughout the 20th century. Some of these changes are reflected through media representations.  At the same time, media representations of family have historically been rather unrepresentative in their portrayal of diverse family types. Using […]

The progression of Theory

This assignment is meant to have students think about the progression of sociological theory from classical to contemporary. Throughout the semester, students will learn about how classical theories have inspired other theories to emerge in the discipline, and students will write about the transition process. Students are required to talk about three contemporary theories (e.g. […]

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