Reasoning and Decision Making

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Reasoning and Decision Making

Please answer the following questions below in complete sentences in essay format. Your responses to the essay topics should be presented in two double-spaced paragraphs. 1.  The third major feature of language is pragmatics.  Using examples, explain the role of pragmatics in human speech. 2.  Describe the pros and cons of different ideas about the […]

Inside the Teenage Brain Documentary(Notes)

Video: You are required to watch two relatively short video “chapters” of the Frontline video – note, there were originally several weekly PBS Frontline episodes of this documentary, but the PBS Frontline website no longer makes it easy to click on a specific chapter/episode. With that in mind, you will find the two key chapters […]

Infant and child development

Select one claim from text, Thinking Critically About Child Development from sections 2/3/4 3 parts:Summary of claimSearch for 3 peer reviewed articles relating to claim and summarize study design and findings, evaluate if evidence supports or challenges claimReflection on the claim – what were your thoughts prior to writing this paper? what have you learned? […]

Interpersonal Outcomes of Followers Given Certain Leader Traits

I have done annotated bibliography, I would like help with writing abstract and introduction section Your penultimate step in the research proposal project is to complete your introduction section.  Your introduction section should be no less than 5 pages long (no longer than 8 pages please), double-spaced, with appropriate APA formatting and in-text citations. You […]

Cross-Cultural Interview Paper

please see attached . Also, i have to turn my research paper in via a plagiarism website tool, and it has to be less than 15% similarity. If you do not retype the questions that you are answering this will help decrease the chances of similarity results. if it helps with the research i am […]


1.    Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomena: In a tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) state, you have a very strong impression that you do know the word you want to say, but you are unable to say the word. However, there is some information about the word (first phoneme, number of syllables, etc.) that you may be able to say during the […]

Cognitive Psychology: Memory Distortions

Please respond to each question below in complete sentences.Your responses should be in essay format it should be presented in two double-spaced paragraphs. 1.  Compare and contrast behavioral and physiological measures employed in cognitive psychology, providing appropriate examples. 2.  Describe the causes and types of agnosia and explain how this neuropsychological disorder is related to […]

Career Preparation

Page 1Professional ExperienceThe purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the interview process. This task will usually be part of the conversation between you and your prospective employer. You need to have thought about and organized your response to this question.REQUIRED:Compose a narrative (one page is adequate) addressing the following topic: “How my […]

Writing Task

Page 1This assignment is half Internet research and half writing task.OBJECTIVE: The objective is for you to determine and compare the transfer rate between the three community colleges you identified in a previous assignment as your top choice(s) for teaching.Cohen, Brawer, and Kisker (2014, p-65) report that determining the reasons students attend college is not […]

Building Confidence in Your Child Book by James Dobson

Based on Building Confidence in Your Kids… What measures do you believe parents are most prone to use in todays society to build their childs sense of worth?Are these measures fair or unfair?Citing the Bible and research, what are the key foundational components to building a sense of worth and confidence in our kids?What practical […]

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