Russian Interference in US Elections (2016 and 2020)

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Russian Interference in US Elections (2016 and 2020)

Mainly this is a paper on US-Russian Relations. Id like it to begin with any previous election interference and then really dive into both US election interferences and then policies that have been brought to light because of this. Please use government resources and APA style citations

Has Nicaraguas Daniel Ortega become exactly the kind of leader he once opposed?

Three pages plus one source page maximum. Editing and proofreading strictly enforced. Remember that at least one source from Cognella and one source from Rice must be in your narrative and APA Formatted Source List, PLUS at LEAST two additional substantive sources. Dictionaries, Wikis, Encylopedias and shorthand thumbnails sketches from YouTube or etc are […]

The Algerian war and the impacts of the policy of concealment and remembrance on Franco-Algerian relation

I attached a summary made for my paper. The writer has to base the paper on this summary. The paper should contain a clear explanation of the subject matter and main theme or thesis in the introduction, a substantive discussion and analysis of the main issues and findings in the body; and a conclusion that […]

Political science

This paper will require students to identify the key factors related to a healthy political system.  The following components must be addressed:    What are the goals of a healthy political system in terms of achieving order, stability, prosperity and freedom?    What worldview influences are most conducive to a successful political system?    What political documents, legal […]

Political Media Payment

Articles also must be properly cited in your paper. Students will use the articles to write a 5 6 page paper summarizing the articles and news stories, giving their own opinion about the issues and topics of their articles, and discuss how some of the stories covered in their articles may have evolved turned out. […]

Discuss the challenges and opportunities of expansion of cities.

references at the end of an answer can be in a mixed format (APA, MLA, Chicago, ) max. 1,000 words. One of the main aspects discussed throughout the term, was the expansion of cities (whether through physical expansion of existing boundaries, primarily through suburban sprawl, or through development occurring in existing urban built-up areas). Discuss […]


    List and describe what are the different ways to become a U.S. citizen?    What are the rights and responsibilities a person has being a citizen?    In your own words, how would you describe loyalty and treason. You may use recent events to help aid in your description.     We should or should not be […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please answer the following (six) questions in short answers; Try to fit all answers in two pages or less. 1-What is the black utility heuristic? What it means and what is it exactly? 2-How we dealt with the question of ideology? 3-What it means to talk about public versus private spheres? 4-What does it mean […]

Pride and Prejudice Response Paper

First, watch the PBS film ‘Latino Americans – Prejudice and Pride’ (Episode 5 in the series) here (same one for discussion forum) : Latino Americans Episode 5 (Links to an external site.) In your paper, address ALL of the following questions: What do you think were the most effective tactics used by the Latino movement? […]

Interest Groups and Social Movements

watch the PBS film ‘Latino Americans – Prejudice and Pride’ (Episode 5 in the series) here: Latino Americans Episode 5 What do you feel was the most important lesson from this video? Which tactic or part of the movement do you believe would have the most lasting impact and why?

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