Any topic (writer’s choice)

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Any topic (writer’s choice)

two discussion1.Create your own ethical codes For this discussion please do the following: (i) create your own list of 5 ethical codes of conduct for your employees. (ii) explain why you choose each code.( The website address of the materials1. 2. What is your take on Sweatshop Labor? After reading the […]


Stoics believe there are four virtues that, when obtained, lead to eudaimonia. In order to obtain these virtues, one must make a habit of practicing them on a daily basis. These virtues are Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, and Courage. This week we’re diving into the fourth virtue: Courage. Courage is the ability to face life’s challenges […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

instructions in attachments below also the readings that need to be citied depending on the topic you choose. If you pick a topic that I haven’t posted the readings for please let me know so i can add it to the order. links:

virtue and Kantian ethics

Step #1 – Study the theory: The first task is to conduct research on virtue and Kantian ethics (PICK ONE THEORY) and contribute quality information to this forum about one of the ethical theories. Step #1 should be at least one paragraph with a link to your research content Give a good summary of the […]

Stoicism and Human Reasoning

Critically evaluate and comment on the Stoic belief in the power of human reason. Critically comment on the Stoic view that we should distrust emotions. The claim that reasoning allows us to detach ourselves from lifes uncertainties. The emphasis placed on rational self-restraint. The role of rational self-control in knowing the difference between what we […]

kierkkegaard’s fear and trembling

For what more is existence worth than to be laughed at when one has alreadyattained the highest by the age of twenty? And yet what higher movement hasthe age discovered since the day it gave up entering the monastery? Is it not awretched worldly wisdom, prudence, cowardice that sits in place of honor,cravenly dupes people […]


Should hospitals test pregnant women for drug use without their consent? Assignment ExpectationsAnswer this moral question in terms of the utilitarian considerations, who will be helped and who hurt over the long term, and the matters of rights for all involved (e.g., the right to privacy, warrantless search and seizure). Use the basics of utilitarian […]


Perhaps Nietzsches most general criticism of traditional moral philosophy is that philosophers have always tried to justify and lend support to conventional moral values rather than question them. Nietzsche thinks the job of the philosopher is to explain why we have the values that we do and then evaluate those values. 1) What are some […]

Philosophy of mathematics

Ideally it would be a writer with some background in mathematics as the course is intended for mathematics and philosophy students.Here’s a list of possible questions:— Rigor and Structure —What is the most plausible version of structuralism about mathematics?Are the natural numbers Von Neumann ordinals?Does indifference in mathematical practice tell us anything about the metaphysics […]


instructions in HW#12 attachment ***please make sure you answer each question in Part A and B, also label it just as it is on the attachment. links you will need to have to answer each question 1. 2. 3.

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