T test and Anova

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T test and Anova

Using the Sun Coast Remediation data set, perform an independent samples t Test, dependent samples t Test, and ANOVA, and interpret the results.You will utilize Microsoft Excel Toolpak for this assignment.Example:Independent Sample t TestRestate the hypotheses.Provide data output results from Excel Toolpak.Interpret the t Test results  Dependent Sample t TestRestate the hypotheses.Provide data output results […]

Article Critique

Objective: To be able to identify the strengths and WEAKNESSES of a research article Select one primary source on your topic. Carefully read the article and write a scholarly critique on the research conducted. Specifically address both strengths and weaknesses in terms of research methodology. Critique only the selected major points (you do not need […]

how to video games affect adult relationships

Goal of the Exercise: Develop an in-depth interview schedule (guide) or a survey based onyour proposed research question. Follow the steps below to complete the exercise. Instructions:1. For this exercise, you can type your answers in single space, no larger than 12-inch font.2. Next, write your final proposed research question. Remember that your research questionshould […]

Marriage and divore

Week 8 Discussion PostDescribe an experiment you would like to conduct. To do this, consider a topic of interest that you would like to explore. Keep your research interest simple by choosing two variables to explore about your topic. Provide the following components of the experiment: A brief description of your research. Include a description […]


The writer is required to complete a project and submits a report todemonstrate the mastery of using various MATLAB techniques smilier to the file attached to analyze large dataset(s) and present the results in the report with MATLAB-generated figures and plots.It is important to use MATLAB techniques similar to the word file attached and submit […]

Lottery probabilities

Google your state’s Powerball or megamillions and calculate the probability of winning the jackpot. Most sites report odds instead of probability, so you’ll need to do a simple conversion. Share a link that takes us to the odds information on your state’s Powerball or megamillions.In your original post, answer the following: Create a probability table […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Key Information Sources Paper on “Tesla Inc.” This assignment involves developing a list of possible research sources for your paper.  These sources could be trade or academic journals, government, industry or company websites, or other sources of information.  Research could involve the company, industry, problem, statistical methods, etc.  Please do the following: Write a minimum […]

Math problem

Provide an example with its solution in the area of your interest that illustrates goodness -of -fit test – 10 points use both -level of significance and p-value  – 5 points provide reference or statement that you created the example  – 5 points

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Discuss the process for hypothesis testing.Discuss the 8 steps of hypothesis testing?When performing the 8 steps for hypothesis testing, which method do you prefer; P-Value method or Critical Value method? Why?Perform the hypothesis test.If you selected Option 1:Original Claim: The average salary for all jobs in Minnesota is less than $65,000.Test the claim using = […]

MAT 1100 Week 12 Project

MAT 1100 Week 12 ProjectSpring 2021Gribben Project Objectives. Recognize and use appropriate graphs and numerical summaries to de-scribe the distribution of categorical and numerical data. Understand that responses to statistical questions should take variabil- ity into account. Understand distributions for quantitative data are compared with re- spect to similarities and differences in center, variability (spread), […]

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