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LING123 work sheet

1. all the Introduction in merged.materials. doc. plz read it carefully. (not exactly looks like an essay, only need answers Q1-Q11 on work sheet. 2. more details about this work available on the Reading Response Paper #2 ( in the same doc)3. Sources: All answers need to be based on Pearce (2008), ( in meged […]

Research Proposal

For your research project, you will choose to explore a topic/theme through two artifacts. The first work should be from before 1900; the second one should be more recent (at least after 1900). The goal is to write a compare/contrast essay that will examine a particular theme/topic through these two artifacts, so the two objects […]

Individual portfolio Vilnius Old Town

For your chosen area (Vilnius Old Town) provide a brief introduction on its role as a tourist precinct, and suggest which trends, ideas and theories help to explain how and why this area is consumed by tourists.  Individual portfolio of approximately 3,500 words. Assessment criteria for the final patchwork portfolio    Research, knowledge and understanding of […]

Are communists still part of the revisionist powers? Update on the communist guerrillas/movements in Southeast Asia

I want to write an essay that is divided into parts in the form of a presentation, (introduction, essay divided into points on the topic, conclusion) The article ends with two questions that I pose for discussion after I finished reading it to my colleagues (put the answers to the two questions in the form […]

current issue response Sex and Gender

InstructionsThe purpose of this paper is to explore current issues in todays society that relate to this weeks content.  Choose any topic from chapter 9 that relates to a current event (an important event that has occurred within the last 5 years).  Discuss the topic in terms of todays culture.  Write 1-2 pages and cite […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

As a result of the destruction and chaos of World War II, the period following it was one during which basic values were questioned. The philosophy of Existentialism, (which has both atheistic and Christian forms), addresses the need for Western society to reexamine its basic principles. Jean Paul Sartre, in his essay Existentialism, insisted that […]

The social position of animals in different societies and cultures.

Perform a virtual fieldwork project on The social position of animals in different societies and cultures. The project requires a report of four pages in length, written according to a model outline. -Introduction two paragraphs-Methods of research one paragraph,, -Results of research two pages -Conclusions one paragraph -All papers must be typed, double-spaced with 12 […]

Maji-Maji Uprising

Course: Uprisings: Protest & Resistance throughout the Globe Assignment: A case study investigating social movement drawing on course readings and ethnographic research where possible. Must use 5 primary and 5 secondary sources. Social Movement: Maji-Maji Uprising (Tanganyika) Course Readings (files attached): Everyday Forms of Resistance by James Scott, Facing Power by Eric Wolf

counseling skills

Case Study 1: Finding Family Balance in GreeceKaterina: (in the middle of a session that was first focusing on a problem at work) Something that bothers me very much lately is that I am overloaded with work, and I have a conflict with my roles as a mother, a wife, and a professional. All these […]

Compare and contrast African American culture and Hispanic/Latino culture

Select two of the following cultures: Hispanic and Latino AmericanAmerican Indian and Alaskan NativeAfrican AmericanAsian AmericanEuropean and Mediterranean AmericanNonethnicConduct research on health programs that have been implemented for members of the cultures you selected. Summarize the literature and write about the cultural history, traditions, most common beliefs, causes of illnesses unique to their heritage, approaches […]

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