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The source posted below contains speeches by George Kennan, Richard Nixon, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Kwame Nkrumah. As you read them, try to see what each person’s position was within their respective government, and how this position might have influenced what they said and how they said it. Be aware that […]

Community Engagement Paper

This writing assignment will be a minimum of one (1) page, where the student will choose an article from a reputable, well-known online magazine or newspaper from the recent past, and write a letter to the editor explaining how the course material changed their view on the subject, and whether or not the student agrees […]

Maria W. Stewart

In this assignment, you will be writing an annotated bibliography of at least 5 sourcessome combination of books, articles, and primary sources. MY SUBJECT IS: MARIA W. STEWART Do some wandering via google.  Try to find articles about your subject.  In your bibliography, I am going to expect to see reference to 3 articles or […]

Analyze historical account analyze this contemporary historical account by answering the following questions in the Discussion Forum: According to Pericles, what precisely makes Athens great? How does this compare to other city-states? What problems do you see in Pericles’ description of Athens? Does Thucydides seem to take sides in the Melian debate? Who has the strongest argument? […]

primary source analysis Please engage in the primary source analysis(listed in the above link) by answering the following questions in the Discussion Forum: What is the document’s tone? What words or phrases convey it? What main issues or concerns does the document raise? What are its key points (assertions, judgments, conclusions)? What values does the writer express? […]


World War II was fatal to the European colonial empires. European states populations were too devastated to consider fighting to keep Asia and Africa subjugated. Both the United States and the Soviet Union were hostile to continuation of European colonies. A reluctant Britain, in return for American support, in 1941 agreed to the Atlantic Charter, […]

The future of American ideals

the    normal    structure    of    an    introduction    is    this:    contextual    “hook”    introducing    the    situation,    presentation    of    the    document and    its    intended    goals    and    audience,    quick    summary    of    its    main    points,    “problematic”,    and    presentation    of    the    outline. You    can    try    to    indetify    these    parts    below,    as    an    exercise.N.    B.    2:    During    redaction,    modify     the    outline    very    […]

Qatar’s approach to architecture

This is the essay question: According to the authors, how successful has Qatar been in its architecture-related goals? In other words, what are their main critiques of Qatar’s approach to architecture?Attached is a sample essay, this essay needs to have the same format as the attached sample. I also attached the rubric, and the reading. […]

Sections 8 and 9 discuss the Cold War and its impact. In the first body paragraph explain what the Cold War was. In the rest of the body paragraphs, explain the effects that the Cold War had on the world.

Be sure you have read the example essay in modules and read all of the notes attached to it before you attempt this assignment. It explains how to complete the assignment and things such as formatting. Write an essay of at the least 2 complete pages on the following topic. You need an introduction, body […]


the topic is eurosceptiscism – please don’t wright too much because I will use this in the pptyou have to answer the following questions:1)What is Euroscepticism?2)It can be divided into3) what are the benefits of the EU (wright just a bullet point explaining these a bit more) a)Benefits of the EUb)Easy travelc)Cheap telecommunicationsd)Wider access to […]

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