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Any topic (writer’s choice)

An oligopoly is a market structure in which only a few sellers produce similar or identical products. Oligopolies are price-setters and can collude to behave like a monopolist.Address the following questions: What are the main features of an oligopolistic market?How do oligopolies set their prices?Explain how you can distinguish a firm in an oligopolistic market […]

Environmental problems of Easter island

Introduction: introduce the topic, where is the island, why is it important and the problem of Easter Island. 1st paragraph: Develop what did people see in Easter island when it was discovered.2nd paragraph: one possible cause of it being barren3rd paragraph: another cause that may have made the island barren.Conclusion: your ideas on why the […]

Cimate and Energy Modelling(economic)

Please check the attached screen shots(I need experts who are good at those calculations)Course outline, Overview of climate and energy modeling, Basic matrix algebra 2     2021-03-08 2021-03-14    Basic concepts of input-output table, techniques of input-output analysis Ronald Miller and Peter Blair, 2009, Input-Output Analysis: Foundations and Extensions (Global Value Chain (GVC) analysis, Multiregional input-output […]

Dynamism & Corporatism

Writing in 2010, Nobel Laureate in Economics, Edmund Phelps (on page 411 of the attached article) described the textbook capitalism of the 1911 Schumpeter and the 1930s Hayek as an opening-up process.  In so doing, he discussed the role textbook capitalism plays in allowing “economic dynamism” to thrive and argued this is one of the […]

please read these two papers and create 1 2-page summary and comparison. The following questions are meant to help you figure out where to start however, you are not limited to these questions so long as it is clear that you have read the paper! You may

please read these two papers and create 1 2-page summary and comparison. The following questions are meant to help you figure out where to start however, you are not limited to these questions so long as it is clear that you have read the paper! You may choose to include components that we have discussed […]

Economics micro and macro

Choose to respond to either Question 1 or Question 2 (1 from the Microeconomics module) AND then either Question 3 or Question 4 (1 from the Macroeconomics module) Up to minus 10 points for inadequate analysis, too vague of a response or not very relevant explanation. Up to minus 5 points for not addressing each […]

labor market discrimination

This is the example for:The context in the literature Tell us about 2-3 papers that are very closely relevant to your area of interest, or 2-3 groups of papers that can be described as taking related perspectives or generating related findings regarding your topic area/question (s) of interest. what I need is:Conclusions What have you […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a report that assesses how the Eurozone countries have so far been affected by thecoronavirus crisis. The report should include the following sections:Section 1. Eurozone macroeconomic situation Include charts with the following indicatorsduring 2010-2020:– Total Real GDP– Real GDP growth rate– Inflation rate– Unemployment rate– Trade Balance (Exports – Imports) Section 2. Effect of […]

The economic of the air cargo industry

I am looking for a research paper about the economics of the air cargo industry.  Here are the topics that I would like to cover in the paper. The paper will need to demonstrate a basic understanding of the economic principle as well as research and data to support it. 1. The performance of the […]

Global Economics Effect of Covid-19 Crisis

ResearchPaperGuide:ThetitlefortheresearchpaperisGlobal Economic Effects of Covid-19 crisis.ThepapershouldbewritteninAPAformatandhaveatleast10sourcesofreference.Thepapermusthaveaminimumof7pages(excludingthetitlepage,abstract,contentspageandreferencepage)andnotmorethan10pages.TheresearchpapermustbesubmittedintheproperdropboxinAssignmentstabasaPDFattachment.Thepapermusthavethefollowingsubheadings:a.Introductionb.CausesoftheCovid-19b. PandemicCrisisc.ComparisonofCovid-19c. Crisisand2008crisisd.PolicyresponsesinUnitedStatesFiscalandMonetarye.PolicyresponsesinEurope,Japan.China,GermanyandItalyd.EffectsonUnitedStateseconomyg.e. Effectsondevelopedandmajoreconomiesh.f.ImpactontheEnvironmentThefirststepinyoureconomicsresearchpaperisfindingmaterialfromsourcessuchasresearchjournals,books,andarticles.Highlightimportantpoints,writenotes,andparaphraseideasfromthesources.Startwritingyourroughdraftafteryouhavefinishedresearchingyourpaper.Youwillneedtouse8.5by11paperwith1marginsonallsides.Theeconomicsresearchpaperneedstobedoublespacedandtypedwith12-pointseriftypeface(TimesNewRomanorCourier).Ifyouhavefigures,youneedtolabelthemwith12-pointsansseriftypeface(ArialorHelvetica).Beginningwiththetitlepage,everypageofyoureconomicsresearchpapershouldbenumberedontheupperrightcorner.Donotnumberthepageswithartworkandfigures.Thenextstepinyoureconomicsresearchpaperistowriteyourroughdraft.TheorderofyourpapershouldbeTitle,Abstract,Introduction,Researchcontents,andReferences.Thetitleshouldbeonthetopofthepageandcentered.Thetitleshouldbetypedinsentencecase.Pressentertwice,andtypeyourfirstname,middleinitial,andlastname.IfyouarenamedJr.orIII,putaspacebetweenthelastnameandthesuffix.Forthenextnewlineofyoureconomicsresearchpaper,enterthenameofyourcollegeoruniversitywhereyouconductedresearch.Theabstractisthesummaryofyoureconomicsresearchpaper.Locatedonpagetwo,theabstractshouldbeatmost120words.Highlightthemostimportantdetailsofyoureconomicsresearchpaper.Abbreviationsandspecialtermsshouldbelabeled(exceptunitsofmeasurement).Theintroductionislistedonthethirdpage.Thepurposeoftheeconomicsresearchpaper,backgroundinformation,andgivedetailstothetopicsimportance.Yourthesisandsupportingstatementsshouldbementionedinthissection.

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