A Short Brief on Cyber Security and Data Penetration

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A Short Brief on Cyber Security and Data Penetration

I need a 150-200 word brief on Cyber Security and a 150-200 word brief on Penetration Testing. Both briefs should be very basic, only explaining what they are, why they are used, and when they are used. All info should be cited from websites and not from academic sources.

Proof of Concept Report

Project scenarioManagement is impressed with your work and is now convinced that cloud is the best option to achieve strategic goals. However, the managers want to see a prototype, or proof of concept, so you decide to build a simple cloud solution as a demonstration. In your presentation, you had recommended AWS as a provider, […]

Creating and Communicating a Security Strategy

Creating and Communicating a Security StrategyOverviewAs an IT professional, you will often be required to communicate policies, standards, and practices in the workplace. For this assignment, you will practice this important task by taking on the role of an IT professional charged with creating a memo to communicate your companys new security strategy. PreparationReview the […]

M8.6 Lab

Please write a report on both model 6 and 8 labs that discuss each labs objective and their expected outcome. Introduction Vulnerable databases can expose sensitive information to intruders. Ensuring its safety is of paramount importance. SQL Injection is one of the most common attacks on a web application. In this lab activity, you will […]

M6.10 Lab

Please write a report on both model 6 and 8 labs that discuss each labs objective and expected outcomes Introduction In this activity, you will learn to manipulate the session between the user and the browser. Instructions Follow the steps given in the following document: Burpsuite and DVWA Lab [PDF, 1.2 MB]After you complete the […]

Linux Implementation Proposal: Training Guide

Use of Linux and original screenshots of the below items is required. Below is an over view, but will upload template and more information The recommended format is to provide screenshots incorporated within the written narrative. The screenshots must all be your own. Screenshots from external sources are not permitted. You must include the specific […]

Problems to addressed using a data warehouse

Presentation Rubric        Slides must follow best practices for slide presentations        APA formatted cover slide        Agenda Slide        Executive Summary (Introduction) and Problem Slide        Traceability/Requirements Slide        Warehouse Tables and Processes Slide        Warehouse Data Dictionary Slide        Warehouse Design (use Visio) Slide        Administrative Tasks Slide         APA formatted reference […]

Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing

Research: Discover multiple viewpoints on a topic in ethics, society, or law as it relates to computing or technology. Quality research sources might appear in an academic journal, a reputable newspaper or online publishing platform (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Register, Medium.com, TechRadar.com, Youtube.com, etc…), or perhaps blog posts by professional researchers or ethics […]

Information Technology

This is the second of a series of five sequential assignments (the course project) in which you continue to act as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a hypothetical, e-commerce start-up company of your design. You have been tasked with delivering an information technology project plan in anticipation of the company relocating to a new […]

Leadership Update: Cyber Crime

The senior leadership of your organization is preparing for its annual three day meeting. During these meetings, one day is devoted to current events / issues which the company finds itself needing to address. For this year’s meeting, you have been asked to give a presentation on Cybercrime as a strategic threat to the organization. […]

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