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Young and the Clueless article

Begin this Final Exam by reading the Harvard Business Review article, “The Young and the Clueless.” Throughout this course, we have emphasized the need to align internal, HR-systems behind corporate strategy. This approach is done to ensure the company is able to compete within its external environment. After reading the article, please answer the following:What […]

discussion response

You must reply to at least two colleagues in a manner that extends the discussion. A simple “I agree/disagree” will not be accepted. respond in a manner that further extends the discussion. post 1 The strategy I selected was a multi-cap global growth strategy with an ESG focus with no energy or materials exposures. During […]

End of Business Paper

What makes a good business? You should discuss the end or aim of business, the function business performs or role it plays, and what you mean by good. Additional requirements for the paper:    The paper must include a title page.    References are not required, therefore, a reference page is not required.    The paper should include […]

How has Bahrain benefitted from signing free trade agreements and how has it affected investment activity?

The project will test ability to select a topic of interest, learn widely of related facts and previous research, and think deeply and critically about existing literature. The  project  contains  two  parts:  background  facts  and  literature  review. The sources that have to be used are:Weiss, M. (2005). Proposed U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement. Retrieved 8 April […]

article critique

Unit VIII Article CritiqueThe topics covered in this unit align nicely with what we have studied throughout this course. Human resources management and organizational change management are integral to success in todays organizations. For this final assignment, choose an article from the Waldorf Online Library that covers organizational change, and write an article critique.The article […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Spend fifteen minutes looking around the SCOTUS website (Supreme Court of the United States) and learn something. What did you find interesting? Go to the National Archives ( and look up some historic case or topic and view images of original documents You can follow any interest. Try several.  Look around long enough to find […]

End Project

This last portfolio project will be a culmination of the work you have done in the course and at the same time, my goal for you is to have a project that helps you advance your personal goals. Therefore, this project allows you to pick what you would like to do. You may choose to […]


Pick another concept, theory, perspective, etc. that you think will remain with you from the class ten years from now and explain the concept, give examples, and make an argument as to why this concept will stay with you long after this class has concluded. Basically, add another concept, theory, etc. to the previous question. […]


Course Themes One of the goals of the course was to take what we read and apply it to your lived experience. Therefore, I am asking you to be self-reflective. Try to think 10 years from now when the college will be behind you. What are two concepts, theories, perspectives, etc., do you think will […]


Policy Proposal For this prompt, you get to dream big! Look to the world around you and identify a problem (relating to gender) that needs solving with legislative action on the local, state, or federal level. First, describe the problem that needs to be fixed. You may have to draw from outside sources in order […]

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