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PC, business plan, marketing

You should do : 1.0 Introduction (Introducing the report and the area of study – should be brief) 2.0 Summary of original plan (derived from the VC presentation, should be original Qtr 1 plan for the business) 5.0 Plan for the future (where do you see the organisation going for the foreseeable future?) It’s about […]

Current Labor Environment

Explore how changes in legislation, as well as changes in modern society, have affected the labor-management relationship compared to the 20th century. Evaluate how changes in legal protections for public sector unions have altered the working conditions labor faces. Provide specific examples into how and why some may believe unions have become too powerful. Evaluate […]

Development of Unions

Evaluate the working conditions in the early 20th century that originally contributed to the development of unions. Evaluate the political and social perspectives that supported or hindered the development of unions, particularly that of public sector unions, in the early 20th century. Analyze how compensation and benefits practices were a contributing factor for the development […]

chapter 18 case study

When General Motors (GM) decided to start a bug bounty programpaying hackers to find computer bugs in the companys information systemsthey purposely tried to avoid other companies mistakes with such programs. Uber ended up paying hackers more than ten times the amount that they had originally allotted, partly to avoid hackers destroying customer data they […]

The Communication Strategy Outline

Instruction:Write a paragraph for each classmate with the following observations to their posts.In your responses to other learners, be specific in providing information about the outline they submitted, including the following: What specifically did you find useful in the outline?How was the outline organized? Was it done in a professional manner?Did the outline address all […]

Persuasive Press Release

This fifth assignment is designed to have you learn about how to write persuasive press releases by doing research and by writing one related to a business announcement. Press (news) releases announce important information to the media, whether traditional (television, radio, print) or digital (Internet websites, social media, etc.) and feature new products, staff, participation […]

Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

Dwight Donovan, the president of Adams Enterprises, is considering two investment opportunities. Because of limited resources, he will be able to invest in only one of them. Project A is to purchase a machine that will enable factory automation; the machine is expected to have a useful life of three years and no salvage value. […]

Global Citizens Assignment Stage Three

Final Product is to be a 6-8 page paper on your recommendations for your Company. This could be no shorter than 6 pages but cannot exceed 8 pages (double spaced). The page count does not include title page, table of contents, references or appendices. (12%). This is to be a report on the goal, its […]

Blockchain in Operations and Supply Chain Management and Application of Blockchain Technologies for Global Operations

An APA style 8-12 pages. Title page and references do not count the noted page range. You should put subtitles as you arrange your synthesis presentation properly. The text should be doublespaced, using a Calibri 12-point font with a 1-inch margin on all sides. It should be formatted in APA style. Your paper should include  […]

Reorganizing the Finance Department

Anderson, D. L. (2019), pages 245-250. Refer to the Case in the textbook for detailed information. Your completed case study should consist of: Case summaryIdentify the problemPresent several recommendationsIndicate their best recommendationProvide some way to evaluate within a certain time frameConclusion Submission Instructions: Your case study should be in current APA style, including the title […]

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