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pulp fiction movie review

watch pulp fiction movie link: https://www.goojara.to/mord0K The objective of this Final Essay is to demonstrate your skills in writing clearly, concisely and persuasively about film form and meaning. Instructions Write an essay of about 1000 words (typically 5-6 pages) analyzing a scene or short sequence from a film assigned for viewing in class this semester. […]

cousework for photography class (not essay, just answer two questions)

Business photography class assignment. Please answers the two questions below, about 1 paragraph for each question. use simple wording, straight to the point. No citation need but do some research about transformative and derivative in photography. again, this is not an essay format is just two questions for coursework/ assignment. 1) What is the difference […]

compare and contrast

please do not use outside sources no matter what, these are question for a final exam.there will be a terminology sheet attached that will help you with this exam Part 1.) Compare and contrast the following images. Describe the methods and techniques employed by each artist in detail. Use the vocabulary of compositional design in […]

A discussion of Tawaraya Sotatsu and Ogata Korin’s artwork

Choose three objects (or up to five objects) of Tawaraya Sotatsu and Ogata Korin’s artwork that show small differences in each. Discuss what the common feature of those works are and the difference. All the work has to be from the Edo period. For example, -Works of the same artists, which show the different stages […]

Theater Othello

Instructions:The mini-essays are each a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words, and are graded on the following point scale. 5 is the highest grade, 1 is the lowest.5: Clear response to prompt, including a short quote or reference for evidence, with a clear explanation as to how it is relevant. Excellent […]

Internet research 80s paper

The 80s were about big projects and events (not to mention “big hair”). including: 1) Big changes in media: MTV and VH-1 2) Big Stars: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Madonna (to name but a few) 3) Big Album Projects: Thriller, Sports, Like a Virgin, Graceland, etc. 4) Big Charity/Cause Events: USA for Africa, Band […]


Essay must answer one of these 4 questions: Why is music education important in our school systems? How does participating in music help students exel in other areas of their education and life? What does performance in music teach us, how does it help us? Why do people teach music, make a career out of […]

Music Business

Research needed to answer the question:What is the role of digital, new media technology and/or the Internet in the aspect of the music business you are exploring? This is part of a project and our topic is:streaming economics, specifically when comparing Spotify and Apple Music.how this discussion of visibility between artists and streaming platform can […]

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

identify one Element of Art and describe how it appears throughout the selected work of art. You will also have the option of choosing a work from Chapter 7: Jewish and Early Christin Art. Based on your description of the Element of Art paragraph, connect it to one Principle of Design. Description HelpFor your review, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Cinema 7A Film Analysis AssignmentInstructions: 1.  Read the chapter on film analysis.2.  Rent and view one of the films from the list below. You should view the film at least twice. Take notes as you go and pause and replay scenes that you dont understand or that you find particularly interesting.3.  Write a paper which […]

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