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Assignment: ReflectionAs you explored a variety of biology-related topics during this course, you may have realized how much the study of biology influences the way you see and understand the world. Taking time to reflect on your learning enables you to deepen your understanding of new ideas and make them more meaningful to you personally. […]

Post traumatic stress disorder

For my nursing psychology class I have to give a ten minute speech on post traumatic stress disorder. I want to talk about how PTSD effects first responders. (EMS personnel, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement) I must have 3 to 4 pages in APA format, and at least 4 resources that are within the last 5 years.

Love PSA

.InstructionsLove PSA For this assignment, you will create your own original PSA. A public service announcement (PSA) informs us about something important, and the purpose of a PSA is to benefit the public by raising awareness about an issue or topic. This unit has been about love, so this assignment will involve the same.  What […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1) Is Godzilla (1954, Honda Ishir) a horror film? How so? Be specific. What qualities make a film horrific? 2) Hausu is both is both pop art and a horror film. How does the use of special effects, fast editing, and other commercial-driven techniques work for or against your ability to take it seriously as […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Reflective Essay Assignment Complete all lessons prior to this assignment. Frederic Henry’s perspective and attitude about war changes drastically in this story by Hemingway.  How and why does Henry’s change happen?  Write a reflective essay in which you explain Henry’s change in thinking about war and connect this to a personal experience where you underwent […]

Write an interpretive essay that analyzes literature from the perspective of a quotation

Write an interpretive essay that analyzes literature from the perspective of a quotation. In your essay, interpret the quotation and explain how it applies to literature you have read. Support your viewpoint with evidence from a variety of literary texts that you have read. Include precise language and literary terms. The quote is- “That’s what […]

Case Study

The Case Study link below is for Case Study 3. Read and study the case and address each of the questions at the end of the study. In addressing each of the questions, create a PowerPoint presentation to include the following: – Problem – Identify and describe alternative solutions – Justify your recommendations for EACH […]

Write a personal career plan.

Write a plan for how your career will proceed from where you are now.  Include goals for 2yrs, 5yrs, 20 yrs for yourself.  Explain what milestones you have to reach for each of those goals and give a plan to reach each milestone.  Required outline: page:    About me, why I want to be an […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

  Take a look at these Conflict Starters. You will need this list to answer question C:  Youre late again. Youre always late. Your lateness is so inconsiderate!    I just cant bear another weekend of sitting home watching cartoons with the kids.  Well, there goes another anniversary that you forgot.  You think I am […]

answer questions

Temperature 1. Define a vital sign. 2. What are the four vital signs? 3. What symptoms occur with a fever? 4. What five sites are used for taking body temperature? 5. What temperature is considered fever? Pulse 1. What causes the pulse to occur? 2. What is the unit of measurement for pulse rate? 3. […]

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