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final paper

Almost from the beginning of this course, we began describing Westerners roles in China.  Focusing on three historical episodes of your own choosing, describe how Western actors influenced the process of Chinas change.  Whether through positive actions or negative actions, to what extent can it be said that the West contributed to Chinas modernization? 

The Chief Strategy Officer

Please read the following Harvard Business Review Article: . The Chief Strategy Officer by R. Timothy S. Breene, Paul F. Nunes, and Walter E. Shill October 2007 . Please, answer for your INITIAL posting and discuss the following questions: . 1. Detailed – Comprehensive Summary for THIS article.       Your Detailed – Comprehensive […]


Week 4 – Assignment: Developing a Goal Mapping StrategyHide Folder InformationTurnitinTurnitin enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.InstructionsDevelop a goal mapping strategy for a team you coach. Prepare a goal mapping strategy paper in which you address the following: How would you develop the goals?How would these goals influence athlete behavior?What specific steps would you […]

The Drug War Cartel in Mexico

The language needs to be basic for the most part. This is for a 9th grade speech project and can’t be over the heads of the audience. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS outlined in the material box. Reread the directions to make sure you are following it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Applying Ethical Decision Making

The purpose of this assignment is to understand how the legal and ethical issues in the health care setting are being scrutinized across the nation by state and federal regulatory agencies. Individuals, professionals, and organizations must comply with rules of law and ethical conduct, and apply ethical decision-making in every scenario. Find a legal case […]

Cinematic Los Angeles: Film and the city

1. After reading: “Cinema and the city” by Knox and picking a quote, answer to these questions: How does the city influence film, and how does film influence the city?  (250 words min) begin with the quote and then explain why this quote answers to the questions.   2 .Respond to this person’s post, follow […]

El Nino – La Nina

El Nio phenomenon represents warmer than average sea temperatures around the tropical region of the Eastern Pacific. La Nia is the reverse phase colder than average temperatures. It would be interesting to see if there is any indication that these phases and the occurrence of hurricanes in the Atlantic have any relationship. You can use […]


In 1000 – 1500 words, take up an argument supporting or opposing one of Kierkegaard’s claims.  This paper should include: A title page in APA style. No abstract required. An introduction with some kind of attention getting device and thesis statement. A clear thesis where you: establish your position and preview your main points in […]

Cookie Business

Cookie Business Project Now that your cookie business is well underway, you are going to use the knowledge that you have gained in this course to evaluate the financial information for the company. You will be creating a series of reports and analyzing the results using the templates provided to guide you through the project. […]

Porters Five Force

Read the Forbes article Porter or Mintzberg: Whose View of Strategy Is the Most Relevant Today? (Links to an external site.) (Moore, 2011) and view the required You Tube video Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy (Links to an external site.), regarding Porters five forces. In the video, Mr. Porter discusses how Porters Five Forces […]

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