Rubens’ Allegory of War & Velasquez’ Surrender at Breda

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Rubens’ Allegory of War & Velasquez’ Surrender at Breda

1. Introduction and Thesis-Introduce the artwork titles, period styles and artists names ( Rubens’ Allegory of War & Velasquez’ Surrender at Breda)-Briefly state what you believe is significant about these artworks-What works of art you will be discussing and why you think they are important 2. Stylistic analysis-Correctly identify artwork titles, period styles and artists […]

unemployment & Lack of Economic Opportunity

1400 words (and no more than 1800)Use of 6 credible sources (and no more than 10)Works CitedI don’t read papers that do not meet the above minimum requirements.GuidelinesYour paper must be originalnot recycled from a previous class.Your paper must use sources to inform your argument. You will synthesize information and ideas that you find in […]

Diet Therapy For An MI

PLEASE WRITE IN APA FORMAT 7 The focus for this live classroom is a discussion about diet therapy for a 58 year old woman who experienced her first MI and is being discharged home. She currently works full time and is divorced. She lives in an apartment and has no family in the surrounding community. […]


My experience with HIV and AIDs

Write a maximum three-page typed statement reflecting your experience, exposure, and understanding of HIV/AIDS ministry.    1. 3-pages, double spaced, 12 font, 1inch margins.2. No Cover sheet, No footnotes, No bibliography required Below is my experience that can be used in the paper. My only experience and exposure I have encountered are during my time […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In Mark A. Gammon and Kirseten L. Isgros Troubling the Canon: Bisexuality and Queer Theory, the analogizing of a Mbius strip to bisexualitys relationship and reliance on gender as requiring multidimensional approaches to sexual orientation of peoples sexual behavior and identity is made. Why is it difficult to consider bisexuality within a collective identity-borne gay […]

How does international law promote sustainable development?

The class name is ‘Globalization and Law EA’LayoutTopic: How does international law promote sustainable development? Introduction; Starting with historical context (How the concept of Sustainable development was created)International conventions and treatiesThe UN frameworks such as MDGs and SDGs Body;Examples of international law that promotes SD;International Trade law and the other laws that also include the […]

Theme of tortilla sun

I need one theme and a five paragraph essay on this theme but only from this one excerpt attached in files  keep in mind  Im in 8th grade so I need for it to be reflective of that I do not have a lot of money so I cannot accept large bids Im sorry

write the solution for given problems

Hi again:), well this is the organizational behavior lecture’s assignment. And I uploaded the assignment given instruction! So, basically, this is a group work and as you can see the uploaded file, our group decided to go with ‘NETFLX LEADERSHIP’. What our group need to write for this task is 1. Company and case overview […]

Review and critique an Article

For this assignment, you will be expected to integrate information from various sources examined in the course up to this point, including readings and Internet sources. You will also be expected to locate three additional sources.This assignment is an essay assignment building on these sources in two parts. You will be expected to use the […]

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