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Ted Talks

Please watch both TED talks videos and answer the following: 1. An important bio-psycho-social-spiritual developmental issue that you found in the video/or web site with relevant references to your readings 2. Applications of the semesters dimensions (skills, systems, values, purpose) to understanding issues raised in the film 3. An issue/concern that is/was of importance in […]

Develop learning outcomes

In this assignment, you will create learning outcomes for a particular learning experience that you identify. First, you need to identify a learning experience. This could be a course, class, training, or other learning experience. After you choose a particular learning experience, please explain the following: 1. What is the learning experience?2. The purpose/goal of […]

Write a Blog Post

You maintain a popular blog created in your spare time to share your passion for instructional design with other like-minded professionals in your field. You cover a lot of topics on your blog, and people often turn to your blog to read about hot issues in the field. This week, you are writing a blog […]

Assignment 8 – Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

Hello – please get the necessary book and read it.  Also, please pay attention to everything that I’ve uploaded.  Use in-text citations and the numbering source system indicated.  I’ve uploaded the template for you to use for this essay.  This is critical.  I’m only requiring 7 pages.  Please pay attention to grammar and spelling in […]

intersectional analysis paper

–Use an intersectional analysis approach to analyze the identity and power in ones own life and the life of others.–This assignment asks you to consider your own social identity and location within society as well as social identities, and locations that are not your own using an intersectional framework–Using the memoir (Fairest: A Memoir) , […]

Western civilization

What lessons can we take from the human tendency to manipulate their environment?  How should the knowledge of the past influence the modern debate over sustainability and climate change?What has Western civilization today, derived from the ancient civilizations of the Near East?  Be specific. Please note that your initial response is to be a minimum […]

Effects of the covid-19 pandemic on mental health

Im in the need of a research paper on how the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns have affected mental health. I need a survey conducted (use google forms for that) with at the least 50 responses (more preferable) for this research article and i need the data set of this survey (that excel file from […]

Concert Reports

Write a report and critiques of three youtube videos of the concerts. Write in three diffeent sections for each concert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ__lmCOSeg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOjHhS5MtvA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyeR-gPakWo

Western civilizations

Tell us a little about yourself and what you believe to be Western civilizations greatest contribution to humanity.  Why?  Now, I know this is the beginning of the term and we haven’t begun to study the topic.  But, as a citizen of  Western culture or at least a student enrolled in a course at a […]

discussion post

Your initial response should be at least 300 words and contain citations for your sources.In order to earn full points in APA, sources has too be scholarly, peer-review article. 2-3 references are required.Your best summaries include an outside source or website in addition to the text. Add you own thoughts or care plan. (pls include […]

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