2-1 Discussion: Transfer of Training

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2-1 Discussion: Transfer of Training

Read the article Hamburger University: A McDonalds College Education and discuss following questions: Does Hamburger University support the companys business? Explain why or why not.Identify the learning resources available at Hamburger University and how they contribute to the business strategy.

HRIS Case Study, Part I

Read the SHRM case study Integrating a Human Resource Information System and answer the presented questions to the best of your ability using the case study and information provided for context. You may use information from the lectures and readings to supplement your answers if necessary. What are the major issues presented that affected the […]

Type 2 diabetes

In a 5 page written assessment, determine how health care technology, coordination of care, and community resources can be applied to address the patient, family, or population problem you’ve defined. In addition, plan to spend approximately 2 direct practicum hours exploring these aspects of the problem with the patient, family, or group youve chosen to […]

Robust Services: People or Processes

Participate in a discussion regarding the article Robust Services: People or Processes by Elliott N. Weiss and Rebecca Goldberg. This article discusses how robust people and robust processes within a system can inform each other and lead to continuous improvement. For this discussion please choose one of the following: (1) Choose two service process with […]

academic article critique

The Academic Article Critique Assignment is designed to identify and assess an issue or problem that is relevant to the course topic. For this assignment, students will select a relevant academic article from a peer-reviewed journal and critically analyze the authors viewpoint to include a succinct critique of the problem or issue described in the […]

The causes of World War II

Why was Germany so willing to go to war again just twenty years after it had been thoroughly thrashed in World War I? Who was Hitler, and what did he want? Why didn’t anyone stop him before it was too late? What role did empire play in bringing about this conflict? Why was Russia concerned? […]

Marketing Analytics

Write an account of the key challenges for three different types of data. This should be based uponthe matrix you completed for Seminar 2 (in revised form). Please include the matrix as an exhibitor in the appendix. I have a matrix completed down below


Each student is required to read a current affairs article dealing with some fact of travel and tourism. The article may be found in magazines, newspapers, or on the internet. The article is to be current, that is, within a week of the assigned submission date. Your synopsis of the article should be approximately 100 […]

Understanding the basics – Report

METHOD AND WEIGHTING OF ASSESSMENT Assignment 1: Understanding the basics Understand in principle how to generate and capture the verifiable value impact of a good idea as a legal artefact that can, in turn, be tokenised and traded as an asset when incorporating decentralised technologies to solve problems that a given market sector or crowd […]

Midterm report

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION This is an individual well structured and well-referenced academic research-type report. The student will have to identify an organizational operational challenge that needs two corporate entrepreneurship theories or practices to be resolved. The student shall propose a solution, that will lead to a new corporate unit, start-ups, spin-off, or any other corporate entrepreneurial […]

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