Modern ideologies

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Modern ideologies

On Monday, Apr. 19th, The Columbus Dispatch juxtaposed a column by Conservative Columnist George Will (Will promoted a book by Dr. Steven B. Smith from Yale on how to recover patriotism) with a political cartoon by Mike Thompson (known for his liberal and progressive messages) titled The Game of Life or Death. Write a no […]

Modern Ideologies

Ive written an extended introduction to this assignment. The introduction is meant to clarify the different standings and shared understandings on modern political ideologies over time, the ways that political scientists have wrestled with this phenomenon, and the current opportunity to search for and isolate means for healthy political polarization that clarifies conflict on values […]

Information Systems Presentation

Assignment Content Choose 2 different information systems used in health care. Create a 5- 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you define and describe each information system, including a discussion of its purpose and use. Write a 1-page handout to accompany your presentation and develop speaker notes. Cite any outside sources to support your assignment. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

It can be argued that both virtue ethics and care ethics approach ethics from very different perspectives from each other, while also looking at morality in a very different manner from the dominant contemporary moral theories (Kantian ethics and utilitarianism).  On the other hand, Alan Thomas argues that virtue ethics and care ethics are actually […]

islamic art and architecture

Using the readings I provide, answer this essay question.When establishing a new political regime, rulers will often move the capital or even create an entirely new one. In doing so, they must design the capital for their political needs. What are some examples of newly established capitals or royal cities? Why were they created, how […]


Nutrition needs change throughout the entire life span. How we feed our babies differs from how we feed ourselves as adults. What was the one thing you learned about nutrition through the lifestyle that surprised you? How would you use what you learned in this chapter and apply it to yourself? What are you doing […]

Individual Social Marketing Plan

Understand social and behavioural issues in regards to consumer wisdom and develop a practical social marketing plan to increase consumer wisdom.  You are to critically review and analyse social and behavioural issues in relation to consumer wisdom for a COVID-19 immunisation program. Examples of consumer wisdom are shown in the 5 articles in this folder. […]

Leadership Seminar I: Portfolio Foundation Essay

The essay should answer the following points with each being a header. -Leadership Pursuit of Excellence: Based on what you have learned this semester, what does it mean for you to be a good leader who pursues excellence? (knowing yourself, knowing how to balance being a fox and lion -By Machiavelli and add a few […]

Create an account ledger outline and plan that has an emphasis on the interpretation of accounting information and the language of financial accounting

Create an account ledger outline and plan that has an emphasis on the interpretation of accounting information and the language of financial accounting to participate effectively in activities such as planning, investing, controlling, and managerial decision-making.  Provide research examples to support the development of your Program Portfolio Project overview.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Fill in the outline for Activity 4 by watching the three videos that I provided the links for. Important things to notice: 1. No need to watch the whole videos. You can just watch the parts from videos that you need to watch to fill in the outline. 2. all of your work should be […]

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