Affordable Care Act

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Affordable Care Act

The future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was made even more uncertain by the 2016 election cycle.  Having control of Congress and the White House gives Republicans a chance to fulfill a long-held campaign promise repeal and replace the ACA.  Review the summary of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) provided by the Kaiser […]

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a document containing selected sources accompanied by a respective annotation. Each annotation consists of a summary, analysis, and application for the purpose of conveying the relevance and value of the selected source. As such, annotations demonstrate a writers critical thinking about and authority on the topic represented in the sources. In […]

Affordable Care Act

Read Hard-fought Legacy: Obama, Congressional Democrats, and the Struggle for Comprehensive Health Care Reform Using the historical context you gained in Week 1 and the retelling of enacting the ACA provided by Skocpol and Jacobs, analyze the passage of the ACA with the failure of other health care reform efforts.  In your analysis, address the […]

Media Analysis

Hi for my media analysis paper, the paper needs to be an analysis of the online article (atlantic article/ included link below) using my psychology textbook to analyze the article( included screenshot of the textbook chapter). My psychology class is about adult development and the issue of aging in American society. And how the aging […]

Satire / Swift

Please choose ONE of the following two choices of writing assignments and complete it. A.  1. Pick one situation from A Voyage to Lilliput or A Voyage to Brobdingnag which reminds you of something wrong in your society (especially if it strikes you as rather crazy). In two or three paragraphs, explain some similarities with […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

In your own words. It is not enough to note differences or interesting behaviors in the cultures you are describing. Besides describing them you should be explaining them and attempting to understand the basis for the different behaviors and how they function as part of the culture you are describing.  Why do their behaviors work […]

The Reformation was a time of much violence in Europe. Discuss these three examples of religious and political violence that ravaged Europe: religious military violence against civilians; the violent actions of Protestants, the Catholic Inquisition and w

Hello, everything you need to know is in all of these documents. Each week my professor provides us with a lecture which is where all the information will be coming from. So I provided the essay question up top and all the other information can be found in the weekly lectures. PLEASE ONLY USE THESE […]

Software Packages

Assignment Details Imagine you are an HR manager for a growing business. The time has come to begin replacing manual tasks with automation. Use the software package listing provided in this link.Write a minimum 3-page analysis of software packages that might be used to replace manual tasks with automation, and include the following: Select 3 […]

You are an English colonist who accompanied Thomas Warner to St. Kitts in 1622. Describe how you were able to settle there and describe the challenges you experienced in the first five years.

Interest: To grow a successful tobacco industry like Virginia in North America after theirown plan to gain wealth from South America failed Challenges: Tensions with native Caribs, lack of investors, lack of legal ownership (until1625 when he received a patent), lack of military support hence French invasion in 1625

discussion board

After reading the material, answer the following questions.  Your response to each of the discussion questions should be 150 words or more.  Make sure that you use specific evidence from the sources to support your ideas.  Your initial discussion thread should contain responses to both questions.  Then reply to two of your classmates.  Each of […]

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