Any topic (writer’s choice)

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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Write a 1-2 page (single spaced, 11 pt font) narrative/discussion for one of the organisms you identified in this project. This narrative describing your fictional future patient should focus on the medical relevance of each organism, such as virulence factors and the type of infections caused, treatments provided and patient outcome. If neither of your […]

What Works; How to design diversity

1. What is tokenism?  How can we ensure that our efforts to diversify organizations and teams isn’t merely symbolic? Please support your answer with evidence. 2.Think about your own background, preferences, and experiences.  In your opinion, could behavioral design offer a roadmap to more equitable workplaces and schools?  Please support your answer with evidence. 3. […]

Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing

Research: Discover multiple viewpoints on a topic in ethics, society, or law as it relates to computing or technology. Quality research sources might appear in an academic journal, a reputable newspaper or online publishing platform (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Register,,,, etc…), or perhaps blog posts by professional researchers or ethics […]

The impact of trust on open innovation within the Arabic Culture: The case of Jordan

This is a Ph.D. chapter (analysis chapter) that based on an in-depth interview. This analysis based on two main themes: open innovation and Arabic business Culture. and the interviewees were from three different sectors ( University, Industry, and Government). The main research question of this thesis:RQ1:     What is innovation and open innovation? And how […]

Impact of Technology on Youth (Teens and Children)

This research paper is focused on the impact of technology on teens and children SPECIFICALLY (very crucial!!) and I will provide all the sources to use (I have compiled a list approved by my professor).  There has to be a valid thesis statement, taking the position that technology has negative effects on society’s youth.

Career manifesto

Leaders need vision and they need to understand their values. The purpose of this assignment is for you to discuss your personal and professional values, goals, and expectations. I expect you to clearly discuss what you plan to accomplish in your life and how you plan to reach your objectives. You need to present to […]

Healthcare Industry Term Paper

My topic is “Private Health Insurance in the United States.” In term paper, please be sure to talk about impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the insurance premium and future demand. ***NOTE: DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT USE ANY WORDING FROM THE TERM PAPER EXAMPLE THAT IS ATTACHED.***

Art, Black Womens Mental Health, Utilizing Rage, Emotional Freedom

I need a paper written from the lense of an African American woman who works as an visual artist (painting & sculpture) raised in the south who has experienced systemic racism and is exploring her own Internalized Racism while dealing with her professional life working with museums and art galleries while black and touch on […]

discussion board 1

This is for my course: Communication and Emerging Technologies. In order for you to better understand what we are talking about in this course so that you can better write this paper, I uploaded a brief course overview for you. Pls kindly check it before writing this paper. Please respond to each of these questions… […]

What is Newsworthy

Unit 4: What is Newsworthy?  This week you will write your first newsworthy newspaper article.  First, do some research.  Peruse reliable sources such as the library databases (Gale, EbscoHost, Worldbook, etc), in addition to the NYT, WSJ, CNN, NPR, etc.  What topic do you think is newsworth?  ( Coronavirus, Science and Medicine, Schools Reopening, Social […]

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