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Nowadays, it is a companys ability to track, monitor, and engage on various social media platforms which will help determine success. You need to use both measurable and written marketing analysis to be informed about key areas of your competition.  Visualizing Porters five-forces model for analyzing industry profitability as discussed in this module, focus on […]

Case study

Organizational strategies include three dimensions, which are defined as corporate, firm, and business level. It must be understood that all of these dimensions although seemingly operate separately- they act are interrelated and assisting the firm to achieve a competitive advantage. In this assignment we will review a case on Papa Johns.  Papa Johns is the […]

World population prospects 2019 – Country Risk Assessments

Please read carefully the file uploaded “World Population Prospects 2019”.For this assignment need a: 1) written paper: word doc. of about one page with the points written above. 2) Power point presentation with 4 slides (and the notes to what to say for 5min.) The points to be included in the written report are: . […]

English unit 6 discussion

The internet can be a valuable tool for research and finding information. However, as the notes in previous units showed, teachers many times frown on students using the internet as a research tool because there is the potential that some web pages could contain false or misleading information. Still, the internet does contain much credible […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Scenario: As global minded businesses, like the ones we have discussed in class, seek to recoverfrom the Covid-19 crisis, there will be growing pressure on several businesses to respond to thegrowing unrest in the marketplace while maintaining consumer and shareholder confidence.Call to Action: Evaluate some of the critical issues that these companies will face maintainingtheir […]

Activist Profile

Create an audio-video PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint should be no more than 10 slides (one of which is a list of references in APA style) and should include APA style citations in the body of the presentation.The task is to Identify an environmental activist that is working domestically or internationally to create change. Research your […]

the Purpose, Advantages and Disadvantages of using a database system.

Write a 1,500-word paper describing the Purpose, Advantages and Disadvantages of using a database system. Ensure you include all of those covered in Chapter 1 of the Pratt text.You must reference and cite at least 2 sources (one of which may be the textbook, the other may be Web based). Ensure you use proper APA […]

Brand management exam

All five questions must be answered with the best answer, very important. Answers are to be typed  under each question below: Question # 1  Explain the importance of creating building brand strategy. Provide an example of a company that has developed a strong branding strategy. Question # 2 Explain the role that brand elements play […]


Research Essay You are asked to write a research paper of 2,500 to 3,500 words on the following topic:Cosmopolitanism as a way of understanding a sense of belonging in the contemporary, globalized world.Your essay will take a position on this topic and formulate a research question that the essay will then address. In your essay […]

Growth in pandemic

I need a 1 minute speech nicely written on how I evolved in pandemic be it personally or academically. Personally, i started baking and started taking care of my family more while giving my contribution in house chores. I have had digital development while being on laptop most of the times for online classes. Our […]

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