Distributed Database

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Distributed Database

Overview of the Assignment:In this exercise we will review and apply distributed database concepts including replication and fragmentation to our Netflix rental database which you have been working with.  As part of your solution you will need to consider how your design should be allocated, specifically through fragmentation and replication.  You may complete this assignment […]

Texas Price Gouging Laws

This paper should be SINGLE spaced. The paper will focus on the laws on price gouging in Texas. The references should be in APA format. Here is what the paper should cover: History of price gouging Laws on price gouging What has the courts said on price gouging What is the future with laws on […]


describe the dilemma and situation in the provided case and give your take on it and best solution. I need to make a PowerPoint slides from this description, so if you can organize the summary in a way to make it easier for me to put into slides I would greatly appreciate it Here is […]

IHRM: Training programs, and Performance management

1- Define international human resources management and the differences between it and HRM 2- mention the practices of IHRM 3- Write a new introduction about (Training programs) and mention the differences in local training programs management and international training programs management. 4- Write a definition of (performance management) and good introduction. 5- Specify a company […]

Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Concept map assignment

Mainly need help with pathophysiology part.Body only(risk factors/ pathophysiology +clinical manifestations/ treatment ), around 500 words. I can work on intro &conclution on my own.AND a clear beautiful concept map step by step (I’ve put something on it already).intext citation& evidence-based PLZZZZZZ

B52 WEEK 6

After watching videos, and reading content material, please post a discussion on: Give an example of evidence-based practice in system or process management. Make an original post and reply to posts of two classmates. The original post should be a minimum of 200 words and no more than 250 words. References https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yeevtsDPaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RntBswyaJO4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZPO5RclZEo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmb_xwxmOi8 […]

Joint Commission Accreditation

Instructions One way an organization communicates with its constituents is by its accreditation. Your department asked you to assist with accreditation and licensure in your facility. Develop an initial plan to gain accreditation for a new facility behavioral health facility your organization is opening. The accreditation you wish to obtain is through Joint Commission. Write […]

ethical autobiography

Part II is a critical, academic analysis of your moral identity, employing categories and terms engaged over the course of the semester.  You write about yourself “in the third person,” as an anthropologist or therapist would.  It’s analytical and academic, rather than personal and autobiographical.  It should show what you learned over the course, including […]


Prompt:How, if at all, have the Viruell-Fuentes article from  (immigrant health), along with the Bowleg and Lopez articles helped you to understand the use of intersectionality in examining health concerns? If you didn’t find them helpful, talk about why not. What confusion did they cause? What questions did they raise? Were there things you just […]


You are building a Risk Management Manual. 1.Select at least 2 activities that are relatively high risk in nature at the University of Miami: Watsco Center. Observe the activities and study the supervision requirements of each. Write a specific supervision plan for each activity including provisions for supervision during an emergency. 2. Miscellaneous: Address other […]

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