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Bridge 4  – Argumentative Research EssayA thesis-driven piece of creative nonfiction that relies on research in regard to the issue you began at the start of the semester. Weve been building up to this Bridge for the last few weeks. This is the actual Research Essay. In a normal semester, it would be 5-7 pages […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Each discussion question should be answered in paragraph form using proper A.P.A. writing techniques. In order to obtain the maximum amount of points, each discussion question should be answered in approximately 400-550 words (excluding repeating the questions). Students are welcome to elaborate over the 500 word-limit. Students are graded on content, supporting their opinion or […]

Communication Strategy for Adaptive Leadership Toolkit

CompetencyIn this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies: Craft a communication strategy for internal and external audiencesLeverage internal and external intelligence to inform decision makingDevelop an adaptable leadership mindset and skill setScenarioThe vice president of leadership and learning has shared your toolkit with the chief human resources officer (CHRO). The CHRO […]

Leadership Concepts (written in first person)

This paper should be written entirely in first person format.  The paper should be 7-8 pages in length, not including title page or reference page. It must be in APA and include at least five references. Finally, this paper should not contain quotes. See attached document for what the paper should be about.

Gender Sciences

Reading and Film Reflection. Please reflect on attached article and film. When it comes to the reflection, focus on what struck you about what you watched, connect some of the ideas in the film to the bigger concepts/themes raised by the readings, and (where you see fit) link them to what is happening in the […]

Describe how and why crime theories have advanced over the past century and provide a detailed review of two criminological theories which you believe best explain urban street crime in the U.S. today.

1)    The paper must have a title page and reference page.2)    The paper must be formatted in APA (I am providing you with a template already formatted in 12 font, double spacing, 1 inch margins, centered headers, title page, reference page formatted with hanging indents, etc.)3)    The paper must be 1000 words […]

Raising the Minimum Wage affects on Minorities

Diversity in the news The minimum wage debateRaising the minimum wage would be transformative for women by Diana Boesch, Robin Bleiweis, and Areeba Haider https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/news/2021/02/23/496221/raising-minimum-wage-transformative-women/ Diversity in-the-News and Inclusiveness (written and presentation). This assignment has at least two main parts. A: Provide a written analysis of a recent diversity challenge for employees and managers in […]

Womens Empowerment and Economic Development – ‘How do we achieve and maintain the equality for women in our society today?

In the attached files, the planner has all of the things that NEED to be included in the paper so please make sure to look over that before beginning the research paper. I also added an outline. The topic of my paper is Womens Empowerment and Economic Development but I need to have a research […]

Annotated Bibliography

For this graded assignment, you are to write an annotated bibliography of materials relevant to your chosen research essay topic from eight different scholarly sources. My topic is “What is the power of big media and how has it changed given technological changes in the last twenty years?” 1. Each annotation is to be 150 […]


This is a group research paper assignment on “Diabetes in Hispanic ethnicity” . I need one written page, APA style.Plus i also need 1-2 powerpoint slides with bullet points summarizing what was written about the topic below.Topic: Risk factors for Diabetes in the hispanic population, and what are preventative steps to take to avoid diabetes. […]

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