Ethics around climate change

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Ethics around climate change

For your final exam, lets try a new issue: the ethics around climate change.,and%20the%20rest%20of%20nature.&text=Climate%20change%20is%20one%20of,issues%20facing%20the%20world%20today. The article above is just an introduction. Find your own (scholarly) article via the MDC library databases and use it as a guide. Then discuss the issues via all six ethical theories we have studied.

Abraham Lincoln

Essay portion: Prompt Abraham Lincoln was perhaps our greatest president: in a 3- to 5-paragraph MLA-Style essay (including a one-paragraph introduction with a goodopener/grabber, a transition sentence, and a good thesis statement to drive the main body of theessay and a final conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main body, repeats the thesisstatement to show that […]

US History Discussion

Topic 1: What were at least three leading causes of the Great Depression? What are two issues today that could similarly lead to worsening economic conditions if they are not restrained? If you were in a national leadership position today, what New Deallike policy would you enact to prevent future economic disasters? Topic 2: What […]


Please read the attached case study on Hunsk and follow the guidelines below to complete this assignment. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A CASE STUDY Please make certain that your case study analysis is no longer than 500 words. When you write a case study, it is important not summarize the case. Please resist this temptation. I […]

Culture heritage

Students will write a final researched essay of approximately eight to ten pages targeted toward a real-world, published Call for Papers (CFP). A CFP is how people holding a conference advertise their conference. They call for papers, and writers send abstracts describing their paper topics in the hopes that the conference coordinator will accept them […]

Should the government balance its budget?

The purpose of this assignment is to become more informed about the current economic issue and write an argumentative essay either in support or against it. This essay should not just be your opinion; you need to include facts and pieces of evidence in support of your argument. The essay should have an introduction, main […]

Public Administration

Complete a Memo to your instructor and City administrators using The MOVE Disaster. (attached)Memo should have three particular sections, the Overview (the basics), Lessons for Public Administrators (two good lessons), and Connections to Course Concepts (three good connections using course concepts from modules 4 & 5, also attached) sections. Keep your audience in mind when […]

Cultural Observation Paper

Write a 3 to 4 page paper that discusses your observation of a cultural event that you attended. To successfully complete this assignment, you will have to do the following: [1] Observe a culture other than your own or a setting/scene of intercultural contact and write a paper that describes what you learned about the […]

Army Leader Competencies

Minimum of 750 words, no more than 1250 wordsUse standard margins: 1 inch from the left, right, and bottom edges Do not justify right marginsUse double spacingUtilize a graphic organizer of your choiceFollow the Army Writing Style and standard written English.Use the five (5) paragraph format     Outline     Introduction to Leader CompetenciesLeads […]

White Collar Crime

Is Amazon is a trust that needs to be busted? Is antitrust a sufficient framework to understand the issues posed by Amazon? What does the example of Amazon tell us about nature of white collar crime? What does it suggest about the future of capitalism?

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