Short Fiction Story

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Short Fiction Story

I need to write a short fiction story about anything (you can make it up and choose but the limit is a 1000 words). The story needs to hit each of these points: Craft the story by putting the pieces together–Tend to each of the elements of fiction: -Setting-Characterization-Point of View-Plot-Language-Theme Use language effectively and […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

please discuss about how to aid clients who present for testing with high subjective distress. please discuss what the test administrator should do in that situation? What is the primary goal with this person who presents as distressed and/or anxious? Why is it primary goal? Please talk about what would happen if the test administrator […]

Existentialism Sartre concept application

The purpose of the project is to apply the concept to real-world scenarios and encourage the use of creative thinking alongside analytical thinking. Grading:1) relevance to and engagement with themes presented in class (70%)  2) creativity of the project (20%) 3) relevance to a community (10%) (widely construed to include any cultural, ethnic, religious, or […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

For this assignment, please create a presentation summarizing the RBANS.  Please include information and discussion about the following issues in your presentation: the history and development of the RBANS, the intended uses of the RBANS the strengths and limitations of the RBANS. In addition, please devote several examples discussing hypothetical clinical examples of cases that […]


Part 1For this assignment, you will begin writing your Term Paper by choosing your topic and providing an outline of your paper and a list of resources that you plan to use to support your writings.You will select one of the prompts listed in the attached Term Paper Instructions. Once you have entered this assignment […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This is a Rogerian essay, the main characteristic is that the writer sufficiently states the oppositions point of view. The goal is negotiation and a mutual understanding. Ive posted a few examples of rogerian topics. Make sure to follow the 10 steps very important( had to put on three different photos. An example is also […]


TOPIC: Understanding what you are consuming is important, one way to see what you about to consume is through food labels. In one case, Coca Cola America brand of sodas uses the artificial addictive ingredient, high fructose corn syrup, whereas the Coca Cola Mexican brand which use cane sugar, and both brand are sold in […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The Commanding Heights Episodes 1 -3 Summary (25 points). Instructions available on Blackboard Summary Instructions: 1-2 pages maximum, double-spaced. Format: One paragraph in the beginning should contain a student analysis of the overall Commanding Heights series. There should then be a brief summary about the three episodes (one paragraph for each episode). Final paragraph should […]

Descriptive Artifact- American Flag

You will want to identify in what context you are examining the flag.  A contemporary use of the flag?  Looking at the flag as it has changed over time? The use of the flag in memorials or patriotic contexts? The use of the flag in protest? So think about rhetorical situation in the case of […]

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents/Politics of Jesus

Reading Response Paper Guidelines to Assigned Readings You are required to write two separate papers for the assigned books and reading chapters. Read:     Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson: pp. 361-377    Politics of Jesus by Obery Hendricks: pp. 319-332                  Students are required to […]

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