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Research Paper

Assignment Content Clinical decision-making requires critical thinking and is essential to forming a solid conclusion when evidence does not exist. Consider the following question:o    On what do you rely in the absence of evidence? Submit a 260-word initial response that includes at least one related article (as a .PDF file) to support your position.

Creative Expression (Art and Everyday)

Focus on a thesis or argument, which is the main point of the entire essay, and defend it articulately and effectively. When developing a thesis for a comparative paper, consider how a comparison of the works provides deeper insight into your paper’s topic. The paper must include an original title, an introduction with a thesis […]

Other viral diseases of note – Human Papilloma Virus

For that disease explain:Pathogenicity, transmission, stages of disease, signs and symptoms and timeline, virulence factors, replication, vaccine (if any what and when is it given, how effective) and describe some epidemiology about the disease including who is at risk, how many, where etc, may be US or global based epidemiology. Be comprehensive, be detailed, include […]

How Servant Leadership may improve employees behavior and customer service

Below I will attach a research paper paper where you have to read and analyze in your own words what you took away from the research provided. Did the paper show how servant leadership may improve employees behavior and customer service? how do you see servant leadership hard to apply?  it is opinion based so […]

Entrepreneurship- Virtual Event Report

Summary of the guest speaker with what you learning, best practices, reflection pointsLink what you have learned to what the speakers have said (ex. Qualities, failure, innovation, motivation)To do some extra research about guest speaker (quote the sources, videos or resources you research him) — 1page

Theme of Otherness or Theme of of isolation/exclusion/confinement/imprisonment paper

Write a thesis-driven paper (3 full pages) in which you analyze a passage from Achebes Things FallApart, Rankines Citizen, An American Lyric, or Coetzees Waiting for the Barbarians(The passages are in the document that I have attached). Using a keyterm/idea/concept discussed this semester (e.g. colonialism, alienation, storytelling, otherness, race, empire, power, defamiliarization, patriarchy, etc.), analyze […]


From your experience or from a scholarly journal article, select one factor that is associated with productive employees and one factor that is associated with lower-producing employees. Explain and evaluate these factors within the context of the motivational theories previously discussed in this course.

country report

Please write a country report Use PESTLE analysis on the country—South Korea (APA format), But only focus on social factor and environmental factor Social factors have to do with the social mindset of the people that live in a certain country. This sums up the aspect of culture, age demographics, gender, and its related stereotypes, […]


YYWW ?:our methodology assignment should be based on our results for the group project.user avatarTom Griffin00:37:42So I strongly I mean it would make sense for you to pick the same client that you wrote about for your group project and now you’re going to identify some research questions.00:37:57For future study.00:37:59For that same client.00:38:02Right, so this […]

Political science

This paper will require students to identify the key factors related to a healthy political system.  The following components must be addressed:    What are the goals of a healthy political system in terms of achieving order, stability, prosperity and freedom?    What worldview influences are most conducive to a successful political system?    What political documents, legal […]

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