Energy Supplies of the Future

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Energy Supplies of the Future

For this paper you will need to find two or more articles about new energy sources or new energy technologies. The articles can come from newspapers, magazines, or off the Internet, but if you get articles from the Internet be sure they are from a reputable news organization.  In your paper, explain what the new […]


Thesis statementStart out the paper with a strong thesis statement related to your film.         For example: Minority neighborhoods are strongly tied to higher instances of racial profiling. Discuss (briefly in one 8 sentence paragraph) how you saw this thesis statement in the film you watched. ****transition sentence****** Then begin with your […]

Explore Networking in the Cloud

In this project, you will conduct more in-depth investigation of cloud networking, which makes cloud connectivity on-demand operations possible. You need to have a good understanding of this as you prepare the BallotOnline network for migration to the cloud as well as designing the appropriate network infrastructure in the cloud for BallotOnline.

media analysis

Analysis of 2 articles from your chosen publication and mainstream media Compare in detail this publications coverage of two or three stories that also appeared in “mainstream” outlets. How did this publication cover them differently? What did that difference reveal? How did it serve to exercise the function of the publication as a convener of […]

Journal Entry 2

Class 3 Readings: 1.  “Leadership That Gets Results”, Daniel Goleman (Library Database) 2.  “Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai and Da”, Erin Meyer (Library Database) 3.  Podcast – Masters of Scale: Aneel Bhusri, Workday (Links to an external site.) Daniel Goleman, “Leadership That Gets Results,” Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business School […]

The Larynx- Why is my voice different than yours? High vs low pitch, loud vs whisper.

The Larynx- Why is my voice different than yours?  High vs low pitch, loud vs whisper.please demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic. Critical thinking about topic was included. Please use Appropriate scientific college-level sources. Post contained APA formatted references and in-text citations. The post was grammatically correct. Please no allow No more than 400 […]

American Goverment

One of the biggest Domestic Policy issues is undocumented students in the US. President Obama recently implemented a new policy regarding these students. Your task here is to find two articles on this policy, written after the policy is announced. One should support the policy; the other article should oppose it. Youll need to summarize […]

Three Neglected Sonatas for Tuba and Piano

1. Topic: Three Neglected Sonatas for Tuba and Piano.(i am a tuba player, and i have three pieces for you, please check) 2. I added a proposal for my paper. Please follow the proposal to do the whole paper. ____See it please!!!  And a little introduction here, but you can do more and more. Bibliography […]

Results and Discussion

write draft results and discussion section based on the AU Courage Questionnaire. You must combine your analysis of the Courage Questionnaire data in this section. For example, you can look at the relationship between data and courage in different grades or ages, and make experimental conclusions. You must provide a combination of tables or graphs […]

Avoiding Biased and Insensitive Communications

Professional communications are meant for a diverse audience. These diversities might include cultural, racial, religious, gender, ability, or any other type of diversity. In your paper, Explain two best practices for avoiding biased and insensitive written and verbal communications.Explain why you might include humor in your professional communications.Identify at least two situations where humor should […]

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