Evaluate the marketing mix for a product

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Evaluate the marketing mix for a product

Evaluate the Marketing Mix for a product.GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.Read the AHP company background.Access the CSR database for AHP with tabs of information.Choose one of the proposed new products for youth or the young adultadult (i.e., ages 2199) from the price tab to launch in August. […]

Reviews on John Sonsini’s cowboys serials

https://vielmetter.com/exhibitions/john-sonsini Please read the link above first, then edit/rewrite and expand the contents to tune the paper smoother, but don’t go go to crazy. I’d want my original thoughts to still be in the final tuned paper, but just need better grammar, words and more. This is an essay purely about reviews and thoughts, so […]

Visual Art and Observation of the Environment

In the words of A. Berleant,  “environments are not physical places but perceptual ones that we collaborate in making, and it is perceptually that we determine their identity and extent.” The starting point of aesthetic environmental education is precisely this phenomenal environment. Art, for its part, has a long tradition of studying the phenomenal environment. […]

Computer Science Assignment 2

In this assignment, the encryption algorithm we use encrypts (or decrypt) one letter of the message at a time. First, we will remove all characters that are not letters from the plaintext message and also convert all lowercase letters to uppercase. This means that whitespace, digits and punctuation are lost in the encryption process, leaving […]

Kimberly Kaden Writing Assignment

Week Seven Writing Assignment (70 pts)Link to the following catalog of Massive Open Online Courses [MOOCs] college courses from www.coursera.org and the list from the Saylor Foundation www.saylor.org and actually enroll in at least two of them from two different universities or providers. Identify and provide the hyperlink for the courses that you enrolled in […]

IRB Application Additional Info

    Across all of your IRB materials, the application form, and your supplemental materials, aim to:o    Be Concise. Do NOT copy and paste directly from your research proposals or other documents into your IRB materials.o    Be Clear. Avoid jargon and answer each specific question on the application as simply as you can. Grammar and spell […]

Describe a conflict you observed or participated in on the job

Globalization Prerequisite: Based on this week’s reading assignment plus some thoughtful reflection on your current (or a former) work environment, answer the following questions: 1.)  Describe a conflict you observed or participated in on the job; ideally, one involving parties from different backgrounds or cultures. 2.)  What conflict resolution strategies did you observe from each […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Create a sample cover letter (using standard business letter format) that you might submit with your resume and application.  Cover letters should always be targeted to a specific job at a specific company, so for this assignment choose a REAL JOB (AN ENTRY LEVEL FINANCE JOB) to base your cover letter on. Be sure that […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The purpose of this assignment is to have a real resume that you can actually use. Write with this in mind. Base your resume on where you are in your professional career, whether you are a new professional, a more seasoned professional, or a career changer.  .(entry level finance job)  Write a resume that you […]

Forum 2

Write an essay of at least 350 words using the following prompt. Based on a debate, explain how differing world views (Christian vs. secular) impacts ones beliefs regarding human life. How does your own worldview affect your understanding of Anatomy and Physiology of the human body? Please use 2 references and the Bible.

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